A new era in digital dentistry

Last week, our Smile Inn Dental team led by Dr Shenilee Hazell hosted Breaking the Mould, Adopting Digital Dentistry in Practice.

The launch included a live demonstration of the newest Itero 5D imaging system with near-infrared imaging technology (N.I.R.I), for a group of local dental specialists, dental practitioners and dental students.

The iTero Element 5D scanner is the first integrated dental imaging system that simultaneously records 3D, intra-oral colour and NIRI images. The system is the first of its kind in the Caribbean marking a significant milestone for the local dental industry.

No Radiation 

It enables comparison over time using TimeLapse technology aiding in detection and monitoring of dental decay without using harmful radiation typified by a traditional X-ray.

Fast Scanning 

In one full arch scan, in as little as 60 seconds, the iTero Element 5D Imaging System provides doctors with powerful visualization capabilities, including the following:

  • 3D virtual models for restorative and orthodontic work
  • NIRI images
  • Intraoral camera images
  • iTero TimeLapse technology
  • Invisalign® Outcome Simulator2
  • Invisalign Progress Assessment2
  • Various Analysis Instruments

This technology had been available in the European and American markets for just over a year. This is the first time such a sophisticated machine has been made available in the Latin American and Caribbean markets and we are really excited to be the first in the Caribbean showcasing it right here in Trinidad.

It is indeed an exciting time for dentistry.

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